Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Hey, hey, hey! It's Wombat Day in Australia!

Spent part of the day working on contigfs. It's intended to be a pastiche of older operating system filesystems -- Atlas, notably. It's not often that one has cause to write a filesystem driver from scratch.

The next bit was centered around trying to get my PS3 to work around the firmware constraints. Some dude opened up his PS3 and poked around a bit. That caused Sony to respond by removing the Other OS feature from the PS3. He told everyone not to update and claimed he'd have a patch worked out. Proxies which would modify the versioning file from Sony blossomed briefly and Sony has since overcome them. He hasn't worked out anything since, choosing to leave the scene entirely.


There's some promise in hacking the firmware -- in theory, one could turn software emulation for PS2 games back on, but it's obviously a moving target and that makes it a daunting task.

Personally, I don't think there's much choice beyond disassembling the OS and starting to engineer homebrews.

A friend -- who is visiting on Saturday -- was at Disneyland today. She was regularly posting on facebook about it and that caused me to look up something I'd wondered about. Specifically, why the Skyway & the Peoplemover had been removed. I especially liked the Peoplemover when I was a kid because it had some effects from Tron in it. The concept of being in a bucket 50 feet above the ground didn't inspire great notions in me, so I was somewhat less saddened by the removal of the Skyway.

Fortunately, I had just the answer to these questions. At one of the LA Times Festival of Books, I snagged a promising reference on Disneyland. As I was digging into it, it was really driven home to me that Disney has always been really good about chasing down new technologies and showcasing them. Walt Disney was apparently really interested in mass transit which is why the Skyway, Peoplemover, and Monorail existed. It occurs to me that I'd probably like hippies a lot more if they offered interesting solutions to their problems.

Also, there was a point at which you could get a boat in the lagoon with an inboard motor. There were no tracks or anything. You could go wherever you wanted, provided you could keep the darn things going. That turned out to be a trick. It's generally agreed that the hassle of going out to help people restart the motors was the beginning of the end for that attaction.

Although there are other (jocular) theories...

Anyway, I wonder if Disney's still bothering with such fanciful projects.
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