Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Things I forgot in my quick travelogue

Being a laptop ninja and replacing a teensy CMOS battery that ran out and bricked my sister's laptop.

Going to Anderson, CA to the Australian hat outlet and getting an Australian hat. joee_girl was underwhelmed -- she said the crown wasn't pointed enough. I could have gotten one of the other ones, but that one definitely fit me the best. That very hat was gold in Portland -- it didn't need scotch guarding at all because Australian rabbits are waterproof! It makes my second hat that an unspecified number of bunnies gave their life for. I could stand outside with my trench coat and hat in the worst rain that Portland had to offer and never, ever feel a drop.

Gift exchange with lishd! I felt nine kinds of rotten that I didn't even wish her happy birthday on her birthday this year. Furthermore, I didn't have a gift. Well -- as it turns out -- I did have a gift. I ordered it a while ago and tucked it away by my bookshelf. I found it before I went up there and SURPRISE BIRTHDAY GIFTS! It turned out she had a gift in like 20 parts from when she was digging around in old boxes.

In my family, we pretty much never wrap gifts. I won't lie -- in part, it's because we're lazy. You pretty much get your gift in the plastic bag it came in. So when you are presented with your gift, you're asked to close your eyes and hold out your hands. You, then, are supposed to make an effort to guess what it is based on its dimensions, weight, feel, etc.

It turns out that I have a better feel for old manuals than I thought. She had a couple of printouts of manuals which reminded me of the printout I had of the manual for a game called Sentinel Worlds umpteen years ago. The true prize of the bunch was the printout of the operating procedures manual and the introduction for a game called Life & Death which I've posted about before. Essentially, it was 1988's best attempt at a surgical simulator and it stands up decently well. (video of appendectomy)

Anyway, I now have enough info about her computer (She even had a printout of her BIOS settings!) to make a distro and write some custom software for it.

Visited the 24 hour church of Elvis in Portland.

Went to my first strip club under the somewhat neat idea of strippers + karaoke = ??? Probably not an experience I'd repeat, but worth having done once, I guess.
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