Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Two weeks ago was a convention in Portland for Kingdom of Loathing. haplo3k laid out a small carrot as incentive -- she was going to be there. I hadn't seen her in a while, nor been to a KoL con of any sort in a while.

In addition, I worked out that if I came up a day early, then I could drive up to Seattle and hang out with the ubercool lishd & gorthok. What more could a growing boy need? Fish! Large slices of fish...nigiri?!?! That was an experience!

I got back from that on Monday and caught game night the next night.

Fanime started on Friday. Had to catch that!

Sunday evening -- the last night of Fanime, I caught up with jercos of game night fame. Monday, we all zipped down to LA to meet joannac of Oz who would be arriving via plane about the time we got down there. Fortunately, my family lives down there, so my sister picked her up and took care of her.

Well -- almost! We got as far as Firebaugh and the car started seriously losing power. Some tricky gear work got us a bit farther along, but it wasn't too much longer before the engine simply wouldn't keep an idle. An AAA call and a tow later found us in Fresno with the car at a mechanic.

The next day, the mechanic couldn't get the car to act up again. It finally did at around 2 and was diagnosed to be the carburetor. My parents decided that the car -- which I was borrowing from them -- should go to a Honda dealership. A little more planning-on-steroids and the car was at a Fresno Honda dealership and we were on our way in a rental.

I don't remember the full sequence of what we did in LA, but I found out that joannac was a major theme park freak. zetshia_gudani and I took joannac and jercos to Universal Studios and Disneyland. I drove jercos and joannac to Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain. We spent a day recovering from walking in there. Ate at a number of my favorite places and introduced joannac to Jewish deli food. Visited briefly Angel's Flight, the Bradbury building, the music center, the Ahmanson, and the Walt Disney concert hall, the Sherman Oaks galleria, and the La Brea Tar Pits. Spent significant amounts of time at the Griffith Park Observatory, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach. Caught the Sins o' the Flesh cast at the Nuart and broke two Rocky Horror hymens! Hooray!

Covered large swaths of LA going from place to place. Missed out on the Getty and Exposition park.

I missed out on two concerts -- a Windows to Sky concert in Downtown and a Nukes concert on Sunset. Both were essentially due to a lack of desire on the parts of half the group. C'est la vie.

Yesterday, zetshia_gudani took the rental back up to Fresno. She has some business there and she'll eventually make her way back here.

This morning, joannac and jercos took a bus from Union Station to Santa Cruz. I hopped in the MR2 which had been sitting at my parent's house since I borrowed the Honda and zipped home. Made it in 4:42 -- a respectable time. Caught the Stanley Cup Finals in which Chicago beat Philly and won the cup. Alas -- I was rooting for Philly.

philled2thebrim came over and helped me polish off a pizza. Watched a few things and hung out generally.

One other note: Meg & Tera normally run to the door when someone walks in the house. Tera's always happy to see whoever walks in. Meg walked slowly to the door, rounded the corner, saw me, and then ran over to the door to greet me. From the amount of time they're spending around me, I gather they missed me.

Now to sleep. I'll let myself gather some dust for a little while and remind myself what this place called home is all about. Oh yeah -- and doing all the chores myself. Whee!
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