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This is bloodlossgirl's fault ; ) She asked people what vanity… - CERisE's Testing for L

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April 13th, 2004

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10:52 am
This is bloodlossgirl's fault ; )

She asked people what vanity license plate they'd get. Since I've had the handle CERisE since around '86 or so, that was the logical choice.

A long while ago, I ran a page on geocities which had a listing of other CERISEs. One of the more interesting ones was a French satellite

I happened to get in touch with one of the folks involved. As it turns out CERISE was one half of the first "natural" collision of artificial Earth satellites. "Natural" is a nicer way of saying "unplanned" or "accidental".

On 24th July 1996 the satellite was hit by a fragment of Ariane V16 which launched Spot 1 The relative velocity of the collision was 14.8 km/s. Part of the gravity-gradient boom was detached at 3.1 m of its base (was 6 m long).

The cool part was that they were able to upload new software to correct despite the loss of its stabiliser.

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