Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Well, germs, the beginning of my fourth decade (HINT: That doesn't mean I'm 40. Or 39. Reading is essential!) is rapidly approaching. With it has come one of life's most vexing questions.

Is it "Am I ashamed to have done nothing of any particular value as yet?" -- No, it isn't.
Is it "What happens when you become old and die? Is there some old dude in the sky?" -- Nope, not that one either.

It's "So...what do you want for St. Phil's day?"

I haven't a clue. I really genuinely haven't even the beginnings of speculation upon the idea of what I'd like to find underneath packing material and wrapping on St. Phil's day.

Weird, isn't it?

There's certainly things I'd adore -- a Neo-Geo, a CDi, and a Vectrex. All three of which are unreasonably expensive and I wouldn't expect anyone to get one for me.

Video games? Well -- I've been cranking through a bunch of them lately. Nothing's really come out on the outside for me to leap at. I haven't yet worked through Mass Effect 1 or Fable 2 (sorry, stonesundial! I'm very near starting them though!). I'm just starting the ultimate weapons quests in FFX. More importantly, I have the airship, my ideal team, and loads of blitzball to play

I am full up on books. Seriously. I'm in the middle of my best reading period in two years and I'm only about halfway through "George, Being George" while also finishing "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" and "The Worst Journey in the World". The ratio of read to unread books at my place may as well be considered to be zero.

Music? zetshia_gudani and I have been in the midst of ripping every single CD onto boogeyman. As it stands right now, there's nearly 250 of them on there and more in the pipeline. Every so often something occurs to me or I feel the need to buy a CD I have a ripped copy of. Amazon sits there in the darkness, lurking and waiting for these moments. $100 later or so, I have a constant stream of CDs to tuck in the car with me and listen to on the way back and forth to work.

Hockey stuff? I see a ton of games and I have a jersey that I adore. I've been considering playing again, but it's too early to think about my own skates or things of that nature. What else could I possibly want?

TV shows? Ahh -- here might be a possibility. I have a long outstanding promise from my dad to get the entire run of the Avengers (Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, etc) on DVD. I wonder if Get Smart's out there? I don't own Invader Zim or the Tick, but the ripped copies I have take care of me. And, of course, there's billions of good shows on b which I'm slowly working through.

(I'm genuinely out of ideas for material things I could want. You may know better than me or you may have found something that's distinctly me. Don't hesitate if you are so inclined in spite of this preamble.)

Maybe the best thing of all would be a quest. Something I ought to do between this year and the next. Something fantastic like "On the corner of Flatbush and De Kalb in New York, there's a deli called Junior's with the best cheesecake ever. Go there and get a slice."

(Incidentally, I have. It was pretty good, but not the best. Still, I suspect that love would stick around for half of a slice)

Is there something that you used to do for fun that you miss? Is there someone who you think I ought to meet? Is there some part of your life which you think ought to be shared with me? Give me a timeframe and a location. Being vague is a plus: For example, be at 44.460501°N 110.828106°W at 12:42pm and wait for a period no longer than 91 minutes.

(On a side note: I ought to visit friends of mine more, but that's not really a part of this request. Visiting you will be special and fun, but it doesn't have the cachet of having journeyed the globe to meet a homeless man who scares the living bejeezus out of tourists at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Unless you want me to get the world's best philly cheesesteak sandwich and it just happens to be around the corner from your house -- but it had better be the world's best in that situation.)

(On another side note: If I were put in your position, the possibilities for a prank or other surprise would be positively staggering.)

I don't demand this of you, but in particular, there are two people who come to mind who -- while still welcome to give me something or suggest something -- should feel positively no obligation whatsoever to this end. Those two people are lishd (who is planning to push me out of a plane some day in the near future) and philled2thebrim.

philled2thebrim especially deserves comment here. I've called him panicked with no notice and asked him to take care of the fuzzy wumpuses before. I usually try to manage at least a day in advance, but there are times when circumstances or memory do not allow. Somehow, in every instance, he has managed to make it work. I shudder to think of the difficulty I've put him through in those regards and I'm ever thankful for his willingness to drive the 20 miles up to my place to feed and water the kittens for a meager sum of capital and my endless thanks.

It is likely over the course of the escapades that you folks wish upon me that I will again ask him to take care of the kittens.

That said...

I suspect this is probably the best that anyone could do for me this upcoming St. Phil's day.

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