Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Happy new year one and all, such as it were.

The next post is coming, but I realized why the writing is so darn difficult for me.

From Jeremy Clarkson's latest article:
Thanks to BBM — and I have no idea what this stands for — my kids text constantly. And I do mean constantly. Why? What are they saying? I lead a pretty interesting life and at the end of a week when I’ve driven across, let’s say, Bolivia, I could just about rustle up one 20-second anecdote. All the rest is noise.

It was an awesome trip. It was great in so many different ways. Communicating what was so great about it though is hard. Even the pictures from the trip are relatively dull.

That said, I owe it to myself to punch through the rest of this trip in the same style, cataloguing every teensy bit, so that I can examine it later.

And maybe something will mean something to someone else around here.

Good luck with that, kiddies.

It sounds like Spirit isn't doing too well. With its four still-working wheels, it doesn't look like it'll be able to climb to somewhere where it'll get a better view of the sun (it's been stuck there for 9 months trying to get traction). As a result, it might be forced to shutdown due to a lack of solar energy. Combined with the amount of dust on Mars, it seems likely that if it does shutdown, it'll be goodbye for the amazing little rover that could.

Of course, Opportunity's still at it.

In other news, the price of 6 minutes of weightlessness seems to have gone down. Branson's promising it for $200k.

One of those tickets would be a shame though. You'd never get to use this vital knowledge.

This new year *still* isn't the future, but maybe you've made some resolutions.

My resolution, based on this excerpt from Clarkson's article:
I was watching some footage of the millennium celebrations on television over Christmas and it wasn’t like watching an episode of Minder, where the police had Comma vans and all the women appeared to have put their make-up on with a high-pressure hose: it looked normal. It looked like it had been filmed yesterday. It looked like we hadn’t come very far in the past 10 years.

is this: Don't let another new year pass without some technological advancement of the last year present.

I can say I managed it this year -- new boogeyman has been prominent about the house -- but that just feels like cheating.

Speaking of New Years -- it ended up being quiet. zetshia_gudani broke/sprained her left pinky toe pretty seriously just before Xmas. That led to cancellations of going to LA and meant we had to stay home for the new year. Fortunately, stonesundial and DC were about, so they came over.

At some point around 9am -- after watching the beginning of the Rose Parade -- I went to sleep for an hour. I woke up again to watch the Winter Classic, but I was in and out of consciousness for it.

I'm not a fan of pugilism which makes my appreciation of hockey seem misplaced to some people. That said, I am a fan of the fight in the middle of the Winter Classic this year. Last year, it seemed like there was going to be one, but the refs started cooling things down. That whole situation felt to me like they were trying to put a better face on hockey for those who would tune in, but weren't hockey fans. You start to wish that they'd just put the sport out there and stop trying to make a fast buck on it by selling it to people.

Speaking of hockey, zetshia_gudani and I went to the Firehouse for the last Sharks game. It required a minimum of walking for her and meant a little bit of being out in public. Typical bar socializing ensued which was nice, but I really must remember to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have alcohol for breakfast again. Having a beer first thing in the morning before I've had any food just screws up my stomach for the rest of the day.

Kurt Vonnegut be damned

It feels nice to get back into this form of posting. Short little snippets tenuously tied together. I need to start reading and writing more.

Speaking of writing, for a moment, I wondered whether "tenuously" was spelled correctly. The Internet informed me that I was correct, and for just a moment, I praised my good fortune to have had a sufficiently literate upbringing to spell something, question it, check it, and have been right far, far, far more often than not.

A friend of mine (rockanachronism) has been writing music reviews. I've enjoyed his writing and after meeting him (during the vacation whose write-up I'm struggling through), I decided I should go out on a limb and take a few of his recommendations. Albums I bought on his recommendation:
1) Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted
2) Green Day, 21st Century Breakdown
3) Anjulie, Anjulie
4) Annie, Anniemal
5) Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster (deluxe)

Anjulie is, thus far, my favorite of the bunch. The big single on there ("Boom") leads it off and sounds like the theme for a Bond movie that hasn't been written yet.

Anniemal was Bjorklike. It didn't really grab me, but it was nonoffensive.

The Fame Monster was OK. Some tracks on the new portion of the album seemed out of place, but the old one (The Fame) was solid enough.

All I Ever Wanted didn't really grab my attention either. "I Do Not Hook Up" struck me as pretty decent.

21st Century Breakdown is likely to be a letdown -- I haven't liked Green Day since Dookie. Still zetshia_gudani likes them, so in the worst case, she'll be happy. I'll listen to that tomorrow evening on the way to Game Night.

Oh yeah, the way I broke this experiment to rockanachronism:
You know what the difference is between a random jerk posting on the internet and a music critic? I'll buy CDs on the opinion of a critic that I trust. I just received some of those last night. 8)

That's enough for now.

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