Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

<root> Say -- you've taken basic physics, right?
<some_poor_girl> yes
<some_poor_girl> well, basic is context-dependent
<root> Which would you think presents the greater static coefficient of friction: Tissue or wet tissue?
<some_poor_girl> is this a test?
<root> Do you want it to be?
<some_poor_girl> oooooh
<root> Because we could have an experiment right now.
<some_poor_girl> I think wet tissue
<root> I bet your tissue has a lower static coefficient after you've been sweating.
<some_poor_girl> ....
<root> We'll just have to find out I guess.
<some_poor_girl> that is a TERRIBLE pickup line
<root> For science.
<some_poor_girl> terrible
<root> Thank you. ; )
<root> The hard part was finding a word for skin that wouldn't be obvious.
<root> "skin or wet skin" would've tipped you off way ahead of time
<some_poor_girl> man
<root> tissue though -- ah yes. The sterile language of biology to save my hide.
<some_poor_girl> i was thinking about tissues and how fragile they were
<some_poor_girl> and stacking them
<some_poor_girl> and stuff
<some_poor_girl> damn you
<root> hahahahaha
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