Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

First thing's first: I saw Ang Lee's The Hulk on Monday evening. I expected to think it was OK. Ang Lee's crazy ideas made that an awesome flick. It's like he and the Wachowski brothers were on the same wavelength when they made Speed Racer. Lots of multiple-shots in a shot that really gave it a feel of being like a comic book. Homage was paid, though they removed a Lou Ferrigno cameo.

EDIT:Roger Ebert explained it well in his review:
The movie has an elegant visual strategy; after countless directors have failed, Ang Lee figures out how split-screen techniques can be made to work. Usually they're an annoying gimmick, but here he uses moving frame-lines and pictures within pictures to suggest the dynamic storytelling techniques of comic books. Some shots are astonishing, as foreground and background interact and reveal one another. There is another technique, more subtle, that reminds me of comics: He often cuts between different angles in the same closeup--not cutting away, but cutting from one view of a face to another, as graphic artists do when they need another frame to deal with extended dialogue.

One of my sisters once said that I was like the Hulk in the sense that when I fly into a rage, it is the rage to end all rages.

I'm not certain I agree, but I did appreciate the opportunity to add "You're making me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." to my phrasebook.

Secondly: I'm going to see Plan 9 in the theatre tonight. The MST3k folk have decided to do the mother-of-all-rifftrax for it. How bad could it possibly be, right? ;)

Thirdly: I had Plans for this weekend. Major plans. Awesome plans. Plans of travel and excitement and adventure. But as it turns out, K~ has business at home, so she won't be up this weekend. I am going to take this opportunity to start into a fit of autodidactism.

For a while now, I've noted that I really have very few artistic talents. At one point, I had a good voice, but that's mostly gone away now. I can't hit the same pitches I used to and I don't have the motivation to seriously pursue that.

I can write well enough, but I've never had a talent for anything more than developing a concept for fiction. I simply don't have what it takes to keep that concept rolling into a story -- character development and the like.

I long ago swore off poetry (though I still have a poetry challenge in the back pages of this journal) and mankind has subsequently breathed a sigh of relief.

I have never been able to paint and haven't tried since kindergarten.

And, most importantly, I have never really been able to draw. Of all these, drawing seems like the easiest to actually do. All one needs to do is duplicate with their hands what they see with their eyes in the first instance.

[ You hear the sound of animationgrl laughing her arse off in the distance ]

Some of it may be attributed to exposure to stonesundial at various points. It's hard to say. What made me really want to get around to drawing was a foolish utterance by philled2thebrim. Namely that he would start a webcomic if I started one.

Combine all this with a particular bite I received recently -- cartography.

I've decide that I am going to start working on a map. I haven't decided of where yet, though I'm fairly certain what I'll want it to convey and how I'll survey. My feeling, right now, is to do either the northwest of San Francisco or some portion of San Jose. Maybe Milpitas -- I've always had an odd fondness for Milpitas. The main thing stopping me from doing San Francisco is all the damned buildings -- it really gets in the way of the terrain.

Furthermore, I plan on doing it as primitively as possible with the aim of putting it on parchment once I get it right, replete with "Here there be dragons" sorts of illustration.
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