October 9th, 2012

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Nothing is funnier than other people

A two laughing-fit day today.

The first was brought on by a cow-orker who I actually adore very much. He went up with a couple of slides about B+ trees. The first slide said "Revovery" which prompted me to say "Ummm. Revovery?" One of my other cow-orkers quickly said "YOU CAN'T DO THAT IN MINNESOTA! THAT'S ILLEGAL!"

That set the tone, but what really did it was when my manager put the microphone in front of the guy. It was in the light of the projector. A bunch of people started laughing at that, but I can't help but think that I was laughing for a different reason: It was undeniably phallic placed over at the side of the screen.

I whispered to my other cow-orker "Well, it's nice to know that some other peoples' minds never left junior high." That set him giggling which got me started. We almost had it under control a couple of times until one of us would start up again and get the other one going. During this time, our poor cow-orker's up there -- shy as all hell -- and trying to soldier on with his presentation.

The real crown jewel of the experience was my fellow giggler trying to psych himself down by saying "Be serious. Be serious."

The second one was unexpected. We had an outbreak of Monty Pythonitis at the table. One guy was really rather full. Someone said "Oh, you have a little bit of bread left." to which he said "I'll put wine on it." Somehow, I heard this as "Oh, you have a little bit of red left".

After that bit of giggling, someone offered him a "wafer-thin mint". That started a little bit of laughing, but what really did it was when the waitress came by again and asked if we needed anything and he replied "Do you have a wafer-thin mint?" That caused a near spit take.

No hiccoughs. And you had to be there. And I'm OK with that. It made for one of the better days I've had in a while.