March 8th, 2012

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This is something worth posting about.

Not because of Joseph Kony. But because of the object lessons involved in this video.

Really -- watch that video and think about each image. The controlled shots of a crowd. The people they show saluting the cause. The blend with the images of Hitler and Castro. The constant attention to the kids.

Call me a cynic, but whenever I hear of white people trying to help brown people, I smell something distinctly rodentlike. This particular case is no different.

There's enough evidence that Joseph Kony isn't a great guy. Sure. We get that. There's also evidence that the Ugandan army aren't great people. And we're lending them military advisors.

Doesn't that sound just a hair like the way the world ended up with Osama bin Laden?

The Guardian did a decent, if brief, writeup which should teach you about the things you ought to do before you consider allying with a cause.

I cannot urge you enough. Understand the movement -- not just the message. The next time you're urged to take action, don't stand! Sit. There's so much free information around you. Research it. The cause isn't going anywhere. Learn about what you're getting into. Inform yourself because if it really is that desperate a cause, then it'll need people who know about it.

When you see things like this, train yourself to doubt. Train yourself to question it. The next time someone tells you the government doesn't act because it's not a significant interest, ask why that it is. Ask about what's more important.

And most importantly -- ask different people. Don't trust a single source. Trust many, disparate sources.