December 14th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Shocking developments!

1) I'm going to Seattle soon! ROCK ON!

2) zetshia_gudani's bras have all been horribly mis-sized. She used to think she was 36C. Now she is presently wondering whether she is 34DDD or 34F. I am unable to help as I was somehow spared going underwear shopping with my sisters and -- even if I wasn't -- they are tiny people with tiny appendages.

- <-- That's life size.

3) Two -- count them! -- Two Christmas cards have been delivered by the postal snail. One declared me a pretty swell chap (Thanks promiseoftin!). The other declared me "Master of the Universe and Shadowboxing" (Thanks divine_delirium!).
3a) Is that "Master of the Universe" and "Master of Shadowboxing"? Or is that "Master of the Universe" and giving me a nickname of "Shadowboxing"? Is that zetshia_gudani's nickname now? That could work.

Anyway, since I am undefeated at the universe and undefeated at shadowboxing, I've chosen the first interpretation.

4) I suck at keeping up on LJ. And tabs. I've been digging at Linux internals trying to figure out how the VM was screwed up so badly. Apparently, it's been an ongoing problem. My browsers at home and at work are crowded full of tabs of things I need to sit down and read. I hate, hate, hate having been absent from all you lovely people.

5) Apparently, they make bras with magnetic clasps. The best prank of all time would be repolarizing one side of those clasps.
5a) Also, you could stick metal things to boobs. A friend of mine has a bit of iron from an old rocket engine. What a pickup that would be!