November 8th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I pretty much never post stuff like this, but seriously.

(And yeah -- I half-seriously flirt like this with pretty much every girl I know.)

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This person used to go to game night regularly. All kinds of cool, cute, and fun. I talked to her after her boyfriend broke up with her and helped her through all that.

I haven't seen her in around two years in spite of the fact that she lives a trivial distance from me.

I don't mind setting up cool stuff to do and finding people to do it with, but when I try to get you to hang out for the 80,000th time and you can't be bothered to show even a hint of interest, then it doesn't matter how cool I think you are. I am done with you. There are way more people out there that I can put effort into with way greater reward.