November 5th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Yeah, I can't get to sleep. What's your point?

majesticzaichik posted this lovely bit about dragons and vampires having transformed from their original, frightening visages to approachable sorts. I hammered my response into a post:

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Possibly this is the "fault" of industrialized society. As kids, we still have the fears of the creatures under our beds or in our closets and we leave a light on as a talisman against the dark. As adults, we dismiss those fears.

In general, our society has gone from fearing dumb brutes with overwhelming powers to cold, cunning killers. Even Jurassic Park couldn't resist taking velociraptors and making them into creatures of tactics. Alien is probably the next closest, but those creatures have become more intelligent as the series has gone on.

Perhaps all that remains of primitive man's fears are ghosts -- but there's such a load of fiction out there about ghosts which are stuck here for a reason. Never mind the people who claim to be able to speak to them.

(As a postscript, I'm certain this isn't my best writing. It feels choppy. I'm choosing to blame it on the lateness of the hour, but it's been a long time since I've written anything worthwhile and even longer since I've had a decent editor. I can't help but think that's had an effect on my ability to express myself with the written word.)