October 15th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Voice Post

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“Hello my journal you are hearing me talking to my cell phone through a message machine through the internet. It's like 3 layers of technology there which didn't have to be only had to do was sit down and type but freaking LJ user divine delirium(?) ___ decided that if you wanted cookies you had to do a voice post today so I'm sitting here doing a voice post want the cookies yes I'm sure whatever the product of this will be it will be worth it for the cookie I really didn't have like anything at all planned for this you know I had spent the whole like across and I'm thinking maybe something funny will happen maybe something funny will happen and despite my best effort absolutely nothing funny has happened. All I can really say is yesterday at lunch there was this chick who I thought like 3 weeks ago when I went there to get a sandwich who looked at me and went hey I remember you you're that guy from 3 weeks ago who was wearing the the ping pong goggles and I sat there and thought about it and went yeah that probably was me that probably was me and she went I thought those goggles were so awesome and then yeah my ex girlfriend like saw that picture and went oh my god your sense of fashion become even more special than the last time I saw you. So I kind of see it as a good thing yeah I think that I've I've evolved beyond the comfort level of some people to looking so bizarre so futuristic(?) that you know only the people with you know really promising outlooks in life can you know can appreciate it. At least that's my story I'm sticking to it what you're gonna do about it anyway I I'm struggling here for anything I'm pretty sure that I said a lot in fact if someone would count that I'd appreciate it anyway I'm not really gonna waste any more of your ear time go back to freaking listening to bad religion ok bye.”

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