June 28th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I haven't posted in nearly half a month.

That's because this is the first time I've had an opportunity to sit down on the comfort of my couch and consider the past two weeks.

I mentioned insanity a couple of posts ago. Insanity continued to prevail when we got to my house up North. Lots of running around and doing stuff. I feel -- in some small way -- that I didn't properly enjoy the Australian-at-Alcatraz experience.

XKCD meetup was neat, excepting the obvious. That was followed by a going away party for philled2thebrim which simply didn't go as planned.

There is a weariness that comes from being the custodian of multiple people -- you miss out on some things and every small bit of housework you don't do ends up coming back around to get you. The kitchen is at least three full trash bags and I haven't even sorted the living room yet.

Still -- little steps at a time.

To add to everything, I had no net at all for most of yesterday. AT&T upgraded a server in Pleasanton and when things went south, they claimed it didn't affect my router. I kept telling them exactly what I was seeing in the router log (LCP problems with PPPoE) and they kept insisting it was a DSL problem even though it was plain as day. It took me about two hours (and three cell phone disconnects involving two techs who didn't call me back...) before I made it to level 2 tech support. Half an hour later, the level 3 guy said I'd have to call tomorrow (which is today as I'm writing this) to make an appointment for a tech.

The tech came in today and -- ignoring every fucking thing I told him -- verified that the line was good. The next step is to bludgeon someone to death at AT&T with their own stupidity, extract a refund from billing, get access to someone who has a brain and has control of that AC, and figure out why -- even now -- my PPPoE connection isn't 100%.

(Amusing bit: The tech told me with a straight face that you can't make an appointment after 2pm when they close at 5. Aren't you the fucking phone company? Don't you specialize at telling people over there that they should be doing something?!)

Plus side: I just hacked my Netopia.

Finally purchased a copy of Sandow Birk's In Smog and Thunder: Historical Works from the Great War of the Californias. There's a DVD that they got Huell Howser to narrate that I'll eventually get to.

One last bit of excitement: At some point last night, I lost my phone. Don't know quite where it went. Following ages-old advice, I purchased a new phone as a standby for when I find my new phone. Eventually. Until that time, I don't have anyone's number, so expect not to hear from me or to send me your number as is your wish.

Pretty sure I was going to write something else -- but that's enough, isn't it?