June 10th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Things I forgot in my quick travelogue

Being a laptop ninja and replacing a teensy CMOS battery that ran out and bricked my sister's laptop.

Going to Anderson, CA to the Australian hat outlet and getting an Australian hat. joee_girl was underwhelmed -- she said the crown wasn't pointed enough. I could have gotten one of the other ones, but that one definitely fit me the best. That very hat was gold in Portland -- it didn't need scotch guarding at all because Australian rabbits are waterproof! It makes my second hat that an unspecified number of bunnies gave their life for. I could stand outside with my trench coat and hat in the worst rain that Portland had to offer and never, ever feel a drop.

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Visited the 24 hour church of Elvis in Portland.

Went to my first strip club under the somewhat neat idea of strippers + karaoke = ??? Probably not an experience I'd repeat, but worth having done once, I guess.