February 10th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I have a bunch to say about this: Bruce Sterling's Keynote. And I will, later.

I also have a bunch to say about the complete lack of suggestions for experiences that people I ought to have this year. Are you all so uninteresting that you can't summon up the idea of something that you thought was fun and think I should do at some point during this year?

I find that terribly hard to believe, so I'm assuming that you all have short attention spans and didn't want to bother reading all of my treatise. I can stomach that.

Seriously, I bore myself sometimes.

So here's the summary, you ADHD kids: I have just about all the material possessions I can stomach. Moreover, most of you don't have the expendable income to get me the things I would want. So what I want for St. Phil's day is for you to suggest an experience that I ought to have this year.

And, for as much as I dig you all, "come see me!" is terribly trite. You can do better than that. Suggestions like "Eat a BBQ Pork Sandwich at Interstate BBQ in Memphis" or "Go spelunking in Costa Rica" or "Volunteer time on a fossil expedition in Montana" would all be much better gifts to me.

I can't promise I'll do all of them, but suggestions are free, and it just might be the sort of thing I tell everyone about.