January 4th, 2010

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Happy new year one and all, such as it were.

The next post is coming, but I realized why the writing is so darn difficult for me.

From Jeremy Clarkson's latest article:
Thanks to BBM — and I have no idea what this stands for — my kids text constantly. And I do mean constantly. Why? What are they saying? I lead a pretty interesting life and at the end of a week when I’ve driven across, let’s say, Bolivia, I could just about rustle up one 20-second anecdote. All the rest is noise.

It was an awesome trip. It was great in so many different ways. Communicating what was so great about it though is hard. Even the pictures from the trip are relatively dull.

That said, I owe it to myself to punch through the rest of this trip in the same style, cataloguing every teensy bit, so that I can examine it later.

And maybe something will mean something to someone else around here.

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That's enough for now.