Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Super computer...Just add a bunch of San Franciscans with laptops

While I like the concept, I'm thoroughly displeased with the method they chose for testing this "supercomputer". As near as I can tell, they slapped a distro together and threw a benchmark tool on. Boot from CD and away you go.

There's so many problems that this blissfully ignores.

Now, perhaps, if they were to slap together CDs (say, based on Knoppix) with MPI and some decent multinode schedulers...that might actually be interesting.

As it is, they utterly failed to make it to the top 500. Given the hardware limits they set (a 1.3 GHz processor or better), I'm not totally surprised. After all, I have a total of one computer which would meet that.

All this reminds me that I should brush up on my MPI and OpenMP. It also reminds me that I should investigate oskit and work on Ultimate. It also reminds me that academia moves too damned slowly to do anything interesting with computers. While the code which makes humans seems to head along the trend of becoming public (thanks to academia), code for computers seems to waver between the two (mostly due to the sloth of academic projects).

If it weren't for open software, I imagine I'd still blissfully use windows.

I hear whether or not I got the job at Enabled Sites by Monday. I have a couple of assorted concerns:
1) Steve'll try to talk me into taking the job for less than $20 an hour
Median wage as near as I can tell is above this. My experience is probably above a median
wage, but I'm more interested in some amount of cash.

2) It'll turn into more of a web programming job than a sys admin job.
It sounds like I'll be expected to churn out PHP projects while keeping the systems together.
That seems like a recipe for a whole lot of stress to me.

3) I might not end up with the job at all.
I am exactly qualified for this job. If it ends up with someone else, I'm just going to be
really maximally pissed off. I'm tired of not having a steady paycheck.

After the interview, I felt as though I had an 85-90% chance of getting the job. That 10-15% seems pretty big now that Monday draws nigh.

EDIT: I almost forgot. relsqui's game is available on l. You can play it by sshing to littlegreenmen ( (or as account crossout.
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