December 1st, 2009

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Let's try this phrase on for size: "yuppie fascism"

Terry Goodkind made an interesting statement at some sort of forum. He claims he doesn't write fantasy, but instead he writes about people.

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In the simplest form, these are textbook statements of an ad hominem fallacy. You're claiming that someone's work isn't good because of who they are. These say, "You can't write a good book because you don't agree with me."

You are a pompous windbag if you ever judge someone's work by what they believe in.
You are attempting to curtail someone else's income because they exercise their right of free speech in a way you don't agree.
You are attempting to prevent someone from earning money in a particular way because they had the audacity to disagree with you.
Furthermore, you have likely produced nothing and you are trying to destroy someone else's work because they disagree with you.

I wonder if we'll start censoring achievements based on the things people believe. Perhaps we'll start rewriting the textbooks. Some suggestions:
Thomas Edison didn't really popularize the lightbulb because he hated academics.
Nikola Tesla didn't really create Westinghouse's AC transformer because he hated fat people.
John Travolta was never in a good movie because he's a Scientologist.
Mark Twain never wrote a good book because he maliciously poked fun at people.

Do you really believe you're somehow making the world a better place this way? You really think that by forcing your beliefs upon people by refusing to let some people profit improves the universe?

If you believe that, you are more egotistical, self-righteous, and incapable of seeing reason than I am. I accept that I can be wrong when I say something. You are committing yourself to action which cannot be taken back because of the things you do.

I am coining the term "yuppie fascism" for this belief and I expect that many people are going to earn this label in short order. Some among my friends list have already earned it.