April 13th, 2009

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Last night, I ordered a virgin Cosmopolitan with my dinner...

So this weekend was a bust.

Saturday, I came into work to help out a bit -- that ended up going until 7p. I wanted to go out, but never really got the chance to. Turned out to be a good thing. I had an intricate package waiting for me when I got home with none other than Madame saraphina_marie's latest: The Convent of the Pure. I devoured 80 pages or so before going to sleep.

Sunday, I woke up in a little bit of discomfort, watched the Blackhawks toast the Red Wings 3-0, and then everything went downhill.

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Collapse ) backed out of going to LA with me for the Festival of Books. Anyone want to go for a nice 6-ish hour car ride to LA with me?