February 24th, 2009

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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One last post while I'm still on the continent.

Various travel arrangements and people are slowly eating my sanity and as a result, I finally succumbed to a cold last night. It's much better today and I hope to be over it with rest this evening.

Still, for the moment, things are holding together. The plan is to go over there tomorrow. meerkat and I are on separate flights to Chicago. We're on the same flight from there to Poland.

From what I hear, we'll step out of the airport into brisk 274 K weather. I've been in cold weather for short periods of time, but not terribly long. I've prepared somewhat -- I have long underwear, a scarf, hats, and good socks. I expect I may need to complement my preparations with things bought over there, but this is not overly troubling. I'd like something that reminds me of Poland after all. 8)

In about 45 minutes, game night will happen without me in Santa Cruz. There's something satisfying in having started an event like that which has a momentum all its own.

As I said previously, my secret project is going to be slightly delayed as a result of Poland. This'll all come straight in April -- sorry to keep everyone in suspense!

An amusing link that haplo3k just posted.

In the realm of traveling, I've been reading Apsley Cherry-Garrard's "The Worst Journey in the World" -- his account of Scott's second voyage. It's a fascinating read -- if nothing else, then for the side bits of naval tradition which he passingly mentions in the voyage down.

The wumpii are in the capable hands of philled2thebrim. They're always a part of the trip home I look forward to, but for right now, I look forward to getting over there and conquering various problems in a foreign land one after another.