December 9th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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My van (the infamous 'shuttle') was stolen from the mechanic at around noon yesterday.

This is already an unpleasant occurance, but it gets downright rotten when you consider what was in the van at the time. Namely, a set of tools, some forgotten items from altoone's office (a blanket, a portrait, and a cardboard tube), and -- worst of all -- the game bag.

Yes, folks, Nearly every single game that I've collected over the last five years is now in the hands of some moronic miscreant who figured the best place to get a ride was the auto shop. That includes Aquarius, Lunch Money (and expansions), Chez Geek (and variants), five sets of icehouse pieces, a very nice cribbage board, Fluxx, Chrononauts (and expansions), Once Upon a Time, Nanofictionary, three sets of cards, Kill Dr. Lucky, Save Dr. Lucky, Munchkin, Unexploded Cow, En Garde, others I'm not thinking of, and the Escher ball (Sold as 'Superplexus', but known descriptively as such) -- easily my favorite thing in that bag -- are all gone.

Hopefully, the fading paint and size of the vehicle will come into play and they'll find the bastard before he/she/it takes note of anything in the car. I'd like to see him/her/it put into a deep, dark, dank hole in the tropics where they can be gnawed at by bugs and unpleasantly humid until they finally have the grace to shuffle off this mortal coil.

And what sort of moron steals a car from an auto shop? It was probably there for a reason!