October 28th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I am headless poultry, watch me run.

On Thursday, I took Meg & Tera to the vet. I got them back Friday evening. Meg was spayed, Tera was groomed, and they both got their round of vaccines.

Fun thing I found out in the process -- my sense of campground engineering hasn't left me. I successfully engineered a method for the bathroom door to remain slightly open, but not so open as to allow Meg out the door.

Fun thing I found out about Meg -- she has no qualms about getting medicine from me. It's continually blown me away how easy it is to give her the pain medicine. It comes in a syringe, so I fill it, sit down next to her, hold the edge of her collar with one hand and put the syringe up to her mouth. She starts licking, so I just start slowly emptying it into her mouth.

No muss, no fuss. She even cleans up the drops that spill on her collar.

Tera...well...Tera has a lion cut. She's soft and fluffy in some places and velvety in others. I've taken pictures to record this injustice and I have dedicated myself to a greater grooming strategy.

Also, this weekend, meerkat came up, took me shopping for an interminable period, but ultimately spiffied up my place quite a bit. Inbetween, we spent a smidge of time playing games and chattering pleasantly. At one point, it occurred to me that this is exactly what it'd be like living with her. I could deal with that.

In political news, the Palins apparently supported Alaska seceding from the union. The campaigning seems to all be on formerly Republican held states, so it looks like it'll be a pretty safe win for Obama in the end.

In more interesting political news, this is a fabulous parody of the current election.

Work has had me working strange hours off and on. My days aren't the relaxed luxurious things they were, but I don't expect pity about that. Sometimes, you have to get real work done and it's punctuated. That's not so bad. Hopefully, this will hit an end soon and I can decompress.

Speaking of work, I pulled an "Office Space" and took apart my cube. It's much nicer. People keep stopping by and marveling at it.