September 4th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

The Bridge to Nowhere

I'm listening to Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC. This statement intrigued me:
And I did tell Congress, thanks but no thanks for that bridge to nowhere. If our state wanted to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves.”

There's a number of problems with that. For one thing, Palin initially supported the bridge. For another, she made it clear that she was OK with it being built as long as her state didn't pay anything for it. In withdrawing support for it, she said:

Despite the work of our congressional delegation, we are about $329 million short of full funding for the bridge project, and it’s clear that Congress has little interest in spending any more money on a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island.

(From a press release from the Governor's office)

That sounds more like "If our state wanted to build a bridge, we'd get Congress to pay for the whole thing, but since we can't, then we won't build it ourselves."

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