August 29th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Nuclear mishaps which might have started a war. That made for interesting reading!

Two days ago, philled2thebrim -- better known as Square -- marked the passing of another miserable year on this miserable rock. Unable to be with his people, I cajoled him to come along last night to Hooters!

So, gemlikeflame, E~, and A~ came along.

We were able to slip word to the waitress that it was Square's birthday. A little while later, she took a mike at the front and asked for "Square" to come to the front. He was a bit surprised, so I nudged him and said "I think that's your cue."

The waitress introduced him as her boyfriend and said it was his 18th birthday. This was particularly funny since ^2 is gay and it was his 25th birthday.

They went through the "Hooters polka", left hand in, right hand in, nametag in (involving display of cleavage), orange shorts in, and Hooters girl in. ^2 had an expression on his face which was one of sheer embarrassment -- he turned bright red and grinned like an idiot. Someone else might have interpreted it as enjoying the display *too* much.

Games were played, sangria was consumed, and great, great fun was had.