August 17th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Happiest of birthdays to philled2thebrim! Now he's old and arguably squarer than ever. I wonder if he'll go for a second degree (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

Today was supposed to be a day for video games. It then turned into a day for a movie. Seeing no good movies, it turned into a day for the repair guy to come over and fix the dishwasher. That, in turn, turned into a day for panic because the dishwasher needs to be replaced and that behemoth needs to move right by X-Men!

With meerkat's assistance, the kitchen is a great deal cleaner, the 'dining room' (HA!) area is now slightly better tetrised, and the living room is a mess. Well -- it's a start.

Now I'm packing things up and heading on out to Santa Cruz.

There is *other* stuff to post about, but in the immortal words of Peter Sellers: "Now is not the time, Kato.....A-HA!"

"Hello, I must be going." -- an exit line if ever I heard one.