August 13th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Why I kinda like work -- conversation between cubes with my cow-orkers:
T: "Say, is N~ [a manager for another team] moving? There's boxes in his cube."
Me: "Yeah, he's moving to the other side of the building"
Y: "HE'S MOVING!?!??! why?"
Me: "They need the space for the new hire."
T: "Hah! When's C~ [our manager] moving?"
V: "What? You don't want him around?"
Me: "Pfft. He's never around anyway. He's always in a meeting."
C: "I'm probably moving soon."
V: "Hah! He's here!"
Me: "So he is! Hey, C: we could move you into Retton [one of the meeting rooms]. You oughta feel right at home there!"