March 27th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I'd really like to know how this is done.

(Summary: dolphins blow rings of air and proceed to play with them.)

Things have been busy for me. Lots of back and forth over the hill. Lots of work. Every other moment is jealously guarded as quality time with wumpuses.

cabinet made his debut in #xkcd. This is an improvement on jar. jar had occasional problems where a large amount of computation would cause it to not reply to an IRC ping and thus, ping out. cabinet avoids this by having a small process which handles the IRC protocol and prints events to FIFOs. Processes launch, read from these FIFOs, and write back to a dedicated response FIFO.

The other advantage is that you can hurredly fix things and swap modules without part/join spam.

Things are *very* good with meerkat. Last night, we spoke for an extended period about fire as a chemical process and the ideal gas law. Time spent with her is proving to be a constant: wonderful -- no matter how mundane or extraordinary the circumstances.

Not much else going on from me these days, but I'm sure that'll pick up soon.