February 18th, 2008

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I'm as old as Arnold Schwarzenegger was when he stopped body building.
Einstein had published physics papers at my age while still working at a patent office.
I'm three years older than Manfred von Richtofen (the Red Baron) was when he was shot down -- clearly, I'm living on borrowed time.

Philday was marvelous. We gathered at Hooters where I partook in many delights and proved that hula hoops are unquestionably beyond my ability. Afterwards, there was Rock Band and Heavy Metal -- the movie, not the music! All in all, I last looked at the clock at 5:11a.

And this was me being held back every so slightly because I had a cold!

Only a few contest entries for Philday -- photoshop me into a famous scene, monument, or work of art! You've got 10 days to finish up for the coveted Philday award!

A couple of gifts were given -- The latest edition of The Annotated Alice from my mother and Burnout Paradise from stonesundial for which I am ever grateful.

I used the excuse to engage in some rampant consumerism as well. Some new T-shirts, the Orange Box for the PS3, and books chiefly.

stonesundial came by two days ago to hang out with me. She left around 7 hours ago now. We played through Portal, watched a Bond flick, and played some Rock Band.

All in all, a damn fine weekend so far -- but wait, there's more! I'm off work tomorrow for the holiday!