September 28th, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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At the moment, I'm sitting in my grandmother-in-law's basement in Rhode Island. relsqui and her mother went out shopping without waking me up, thus sparing me.

We'll be out here until Tuesday and I'm extremely slow on LJ. We initially didn't have net here until I got a bit stir crazy and hooked everything up.

We were at XKCD day -- I did my part to help set things up by being a walking distraction (a sombrero, a blank outfit with fabric markers, and the Escher ball go a long way to catching and retaining attention) and carrying things about. Later, we ended up carrying a couch about a mile, up a flight of stairs, through the front door of the apartment, and then cutting it in half to get it through one of the other doors.

relsqui's grandparents and mother seem to be in good health. Her mother's dog, on the other hand, is a bit odd. I'm apparently infinitely tasty -- she spent about 30m last night licking my arms and legs endlessly.

Last night we had dinner in Providence. I had some excellent tortellini and wine. We made the requisite trip to Champlin's for lobster the day before.

Lots of people to catch in the next couple of days. It sounds like we're going to Boston, out to Long Island, and back around.

It'll be good to be back home when we get there, but it's good being here.