September 11th, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Petraeus has been testifying about the troop surge. took a couple of shots at him before he said a word. The message is that the surge has failed.

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The reason I was against the surge and the reason I'm against the continued occupation of Iraq is that we have bigger fish to fry. We cannot continue devoting nearly the whole of our army in one nation of the world. Russia's made some moves which are reminiscent of the cold war. Iran has continued towards uranium enrichment with only the possibility of talks to make Iraq less of a mess to hold them back. North Korea has gone entirely unpunished for having detonated a nuclear device. Nothing ever came of China's attempt to blind one of our spy satellites. We need to open up our options again badly.

There's two ways to do that -- a massive draft and relieving troops in Iraq. Non-volunteer groups have been shown time and again to be less effective. Moreover, the American public is very much against it.

We have a responsibility to clean up the mess Bush made of Iraq, but we're long overdue to start working on real problems in the world. We need to pull people out of Iraq. Slowly, to be sure, but we can't afford a ten year wait. We need to continue working with elements of the former Soviet Union and worry about the nations which are actually producing weapons of mass destruction. We need to move back to provide a global stabilizing force with the deterrent of having the capability to deploy massive force.