September 9th, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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just_aims: You can't hide. You know you want to come back. It's not full of people who don't get the difference between a joke and a pun anymore!

In other news, I spent the last week constantly short on sleep -- my best was around 4 hours of sleep. This was the fallout of the requirements of a demo changing like 4 separate times. In the end, it still didn't get done, but the demo was put off and I finished it this weekend.

In other OTHER news, I now have a palm M500, a PSP, and an external DVD burner. The first I wanted for various reasons. Not least of which is that it'll run Linux and I've really wanted to do that on a handheld device. The burner was to replace the one that used to be in argus. The PSP -- well -- do I really need to explain that one? 8)

In other other OTHER news, a friend of mine posted a subject like "X + Y = WAAAAAAAAH?" and I tried, but couldn't find the Pearls Before Swine featuring a similar joke. That made me sad.

Also, does anyone else think it's weird that a story about a Republican senator pleading guilty to a crime and eventually resigning his seat among the criticisms of his peers is an example of liberal media bias? I did too.