March 12th, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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We're back from Cancun. It was awesome. I'm back at my desk and wearing a sombrero.

We drove down on Saturday to LA and caught up with my parents -- I made it there in something around 5 hours which is excellent time, though not the best I've done in the Shuttle. zweeb met up with us and we went to Castle Park.

Castle Park's an old haunt of mine. Three minigolf courses plus an arcade. What more could a growing boy ask for? Batting cages? Yeah, they have those too. It was really quite disappointing. The courses are still as much fun as ever, but the arcade was in quite a state of disrepair. The Initial D games didn't take or give out cards. Some of the games were rebooting every so often. One of the air hockey tables had a few gouges in it and the piece where the puck comes from had come off on one end.

There was an amusing incident though -- we played minigolf first and took advantage of their deal -- 100 tokens + mini-golf for $20. We did two of those plus one regular game and figured we'd split the 200 three ways. After minigolf (zweeb won pretty convincingly), zweeb and I sat down and counted out the tokens to split them. But we found that there were only around 80 in a bag, not 100. We stacked them in 10s and put them next to each other still weren't enough. We took them inside and counted them out for the benefit of the staff. They called a manager over who counted them and then took them over to a scale and weighed them. Somehow, all 200 were there.

A bit puzzled and very apologetic, the two of us went on to play games. How the two of us fouled that up is one of the great mysteries of my life.

We hung out for a while at a random cafe near there, then went home. We had a plane to catch early the next day.