February 13th, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Welp, the day is fast approaching. Tomorrow I'll look my program counter in the register, fetch, and execute an increment, sending the current accumulator contents to the ALU, and restoring them after execution of the instruction.

Of course, with pipelining, some of this has already happened.

Nothing special -- as far as I know -- is planned, though our weekly game night happens to fall on the date of my usual increment. (Actually, that's a lie -- I think I know one thing that's happening, but I'm trying really hard to forget it. REALLY hard). I tossed up a post in scgamenight about possible ideas for tomorrow evening.

It just so happens that today may well prove to be a red letter day in the history of computing. At the Computer History Museum, a company called D-Wave demonstrated a 16 qubit quantum processor -- the first public demonstration of a quantum processor in a commercial application and the first public demonstration of a quantum processor of that size. They apparently maintain a blog too.

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Keen, eh?