January 2nd, 2007

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I had an amazing time last night -- and on vacation in general. This post is partial because unfortunately, I have work tomorrow.

We arrived home at about 10:30p. After dropping off the rent check, I looked in on our mailbox and noticed a parcel from Slowdance Records and felt a bittersweet pang. Sent the day after Christmas, Logan Whitehurst's last project came to us.

I went back inside and handed it to relsqui who looked quizzically at it. I said to her "That's the last of Logan that we'll have for a very long time".

It's an unusual phrasing for me. It was inspired somewhat by statements from a happier time when all of the Very Tiny Songs Project was online, he seemed to be on the mend, and I gleefully wrote a script to download them all. We started to listen to some and I suggested that we ration our intake in the hopes of making it last until we next had the opportunity to see him.

I had been thinking shortly before getting back inside that by that logic, we'd need to take a very long time listening to this album.

Every so often, the seemingly rational thing to do isn't the right thing to do.

Things more or less kicked off on the 29th. babe_of_beyazit gave me a call and asked if I might be able to pick her up at the airport. Not being one to turn down an excuse to drive, I volunteered. Snagged her, hung out briefly at our place, and then off to Santa Cruz where we spent a significant portion of the day hanging out and helping her along with her grad school application.

An amusing exchange (from vague memory):
testing4l: As bad as this sounds, I really hope you aren't accepted into grad school.
babe_of_beyazit: Why?
testing4l: So that you won't move away and you'll be forced to face reality immediately, realize that you have no marketable skills as a philosophy major, and will therefore become my sex slave.
relsqui: Err. Right. Being your sex slave is the logical conclusion there.
testing4l: Look -- who else would care for your needs and could argue points of philosophy with you?
relsqui: Yeah, and he could argue those points *while* screwing you.

The evening was spent in part at Petroglyph with a stopover at the Poet and Patriot after the fact. I did a plate which came out better than expected.

Pictures -- and chatter about gemlikeflame's New Year's Eve party -- later, folk. Hopefully ringing in 2k7 treated you kids well.