December 30th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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And now, the important stuff:

In addition, there was an amusing hack attempt on b last evening. As near as I can tell, user names were gleaned from my finger daemon and login attempts on those names were tried. Apparently, it was only looking for empty passwords (and -- strangely -- tried a few standard Windows logins).

Well, those who know my system know there's a nethack account with no password. As one might expect, ssh'ing to nethack on boogeyman brings up a prompt and a nethack session. The custom login for that account fouled up this bot so badly that it closed and reopened the ssh to nethack eight separate times before disappearing again.

The name prompt gathered a number of interesting attempts to get a rootkit on the system. All of which failed miserably and can be expected to have failed miserably had they successfully been placed on the system.

So, my security tip for the week -- run an open account whose shell is `which nethack`. It will bring you no end of amusement. Especially if you play nethack. 8)