October 13th, 2006

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I wonder if the claims that there hasn't been any radioactivity detected in the air and that the explosion was smaller than the reports said have any truth to them. I wonder if it's a ploy to get North Korea to test another nuke thereby forcing Russia and China into accepting stronger economic sanctions. It sounds very much like a Cold War type of tactic to me. We used to claim that Russian tests were smaller than their propaganda suggested. The truth usually was somewhere between.

And, of course, if North Korea doesn't test another one, then it's possible that the test was a fake. That suggests that the whole thing is posturing and weakens their position. Either way, it's increasingly probable that the threat from North Korea isn't a threat to us, but to South Korea and Japan primarily.

Of course, Iran has their eyes on this too.

I should probably stop writing about politics and current events, but this sort of situation is really rather fascinating to me. 8)
My wonderful Meg kitty.

Ask LJ: Finding how a sequence of numbers grows

I have an infinite sequence of numbers which grows superlinearly and I'm attempting to figure out the formula to figure out the next one.

I can prove that it's not a function x^k where k is a natural number <=7 by taking the numbers and figuring out the difference between the numbers in the sequence, then figuring out the differences between those.

The first 10 numbers (and differences) are:
0 80    135    225    375    620    1040    1735    2900    4840    8080
1     55     90    150    245    420     695    1165    1940    3240
2          35    60     95    175     275    470     775    1300
3              25     35    80     100    195     305    525
4                   10    45     20     95     110    220
5                       35    -25     75     15    110
6                          -55     100    -60    95
7                               155   -160    155

It's worth noting the point of inflection on the 4th level. I don't have more than those 10 numbers unfortunately. It's tempting to believe that the next one on the 7th row would be -160 though.

The numbers always end in either 0 or 5, though they don't switch between 0 and 5 in any sort of regular pattern.

That's all I can think of off hand to try and crack that problem.

Incidentally, this is (in theory) part of a class of functions. Those numbers correspond to resource counts for a game (Travian incidentally) and I'm trying to predict how it grows for a program I'm writing.