September 14th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Tomorrow morning, we strike out for Phoenix, AZ with a few stops on the way.

One bit of bad news in all this -- the head gasket on my MR2 blew. It appears to have been neglect on the part of the previous owners. Additionally, the work that was claimed to have been done on it...apparently wasn't!

There's good and bad to it. Good in that the work will be done now. The other shoe has dropped, so I don't need to worry about it anymore, right?

The bad is that I'm not going to be driving the MR2 down =/ Instead, I'll be driving a rental car: A Chrysler Sebring. The thing's too....abstracted for my tastes. The steering wheel doesn't give you any feedback -- there's a lot of power steering boost. The accelerator works on some imaginary scale. It's damn near impossible to touch it lightly enough for a gentle start.

But worst of all is the gearbox. The car might be pretty decent if it weren't for that crummy automatic gearbox. Like most automatics, if you stomp on the accelerator, it'll downshift a gear. This one will downshift a gear even when it's not the right gear for it to be in for good acceleration, so you end up with the engine impotently straining against the transmission providing all sorts of power that goes absolutely nowhere.

Driving it down will be a little bit of an adventure. A car that "soft" will require a lot of paying attention.

But enough about that! We're going on a trip! It'll be cool (hopefully).