September 4th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Everyone! Snap out of it!

Steve Irwin's untimely demise wasn't exactly the least likely thing to occur in the world. We're talking about a guy who made his living by being the animal world's version of Jackass! To quote the Chez Geek card: "This crocodile isn't fully enraged yet, so I'm going poke him in the eye with a stick!"

That's exactly who he was. No more, no less. In fact, if he hadn't passed on by way of annoyed critter, I'd've felt that he'd wimped out entirely. It would've been like James Dean dying an old man.

Happy trails, Steve Irwin. Hopefully, there's plenty of animal related stunts waiting for you on the other side.

...and why do I suddenly have the image of him hogtying a woolly mammoth in my head?