August 31st, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I'm sure I did this one before, but:

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Incidentally, I have a job again. It's not as good a job as I had on the face of it, but will probably be better for obvious reasons. I start on the 5th of next month.

Crap, I'm running out of vacation time here! I need to get the stuff done that I said I was going to do!

My mother came up here last week. We took her to dinner. It was generally nice, though it is occasionally difficult to tuck away my feelings from about 3 years ago.

Incidentally, we saw theotherchicago on Sunday and took her out for the best known burger in our area.

I bought a copy of the Uplink Dev CD. It's made for fun hacking and nethack-style code diving. Sadly, the code on the CD is almost unworkable for gcc/g++. I've been changing things around. I have it compiling now, but some of the other libraries aren't compiling just yet. I've got a few mods coded that I can't wait to test out, especially given the almost nonexistent number of Linux mods available for the game.

I'm sure there's other new stuff, but nothing that comes to mind.

I'm doubly sure that there's other stuff about politics and so on that I'd find worth of comment, but meh.

And lastly, but not Well, maybe nothing then.

I was just reading lwjsc_myspace over relsqui's shoulder and I'm really down about it. This guy has been given that news (with shorter time frames) twice in the past. This has to be complete and utter crap. It's just not fair for it to be anything else.