August 26th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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From IRC, with respect to Jonathan Coulton's song about the Mandelbrot Set (lyrics at
18:52 < Phificks> -Every- time I hear that song it gets stuck in my head for 
18:52 < relsqui> and rofl at this: 
18:53 < cerise> Phificks: You know, if you play it really slowly, it sounds 
                like mandlebrot set at full speed.
18:53 < cerise> and if you slow it down even more, it sounds like mandlebrot 
                set at full speed.
18:53 < relsqui> ...... o_o
18:53 < relsqui> rofl
18:53  * phyphor giggles
18:53 < Phificks> rofl
18:53 < phyphor> maths jokery!
18:53  * Haplo laughs
18:53 < relsqui> that would be SO COOL
18:53 < phyphor> I see what you did there!
18:53 < Phificks> Now if only someone would write a song like that...
18:53 < cerise> mmmm, fractal music.  Bite me off a piece of that staff.

In other news, don't think the warring over the definition of "planet" is over just yet. The IAU voted to add a clause in that the body in question has to have "cleared its neighborhood" -- a very loose definition. By that rule, one might argue that Neptune, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter aren't planets because of the number of bodies near them.

One thing's for sure. There aren't nine planets in the solar system. The definition has been arbitrary. In all probability, it will not match up to a logical definition.