May 12th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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(an x-post to ornithology)
So, on a whim, my fiancee and I were looking up the origin of the name for Candlestick Park (a stadium located in San Francisco which has since changed its name to Monster Park). We found that it was called Candlestick Park because it's located at Candlestick Point (though there's some references which suggest that it's at Candlestick Cove. I'm not sure which is right really).

Supposedly, the location acquired its name from the "candlestick bird" better known as the long-billed curlew. It's apparently a wading bird with long, thin legs and quite delicious -- so much so that it was hunted nearly to extinction.

After an extensive google search, I'm unable to find why the long-billed curlew is known as the candlestick bird. The pictures I find on don't look particularly like a candlestick.

And so, I come to this question -- Just why is the long-billed curlew known as the candlestick bird?