February 27th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Wondering what's happening on boogeyman?

Ta-da! There's now an RSS feed! boogeymanupdate or http://boogeyman.armory.com/feed.xml.

Strangely, I seem to have real work today. Who knew?

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention -- I woke up this morning with two nice big scratches on about 1/4 the circumference of my right forearm at its widest point and two smaller scratches below it. It's a bit of a mystery as my right arm is normally against relsqui and therefore safe.

This is an excellent indicator of my ability to sleep through just about anything. Still, I wanna know how it happened. It might've been funny 8)

EDIT x2: boogeyMANupdate. Sheesh! boogeymanupdate. I'm going insane.