February 24th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I secretly wish I was . . .

Sometimes you forget why you put up with those other bums in your apartment; then you remember that they're entertaining. You're the only one with a real job, and generally keep the place running technologically.

Which Resident of House Tilde Are You?

Imagine that. 8)

So big news -- I shaved! relsqui took pictures, so the death of my mighty beard is documented thoroughly.

Odd news -- My hair is way longer than I thought. I was walking along to score a free lunch at work and notice a couple funny parts of my shadow. After feeling around with my hand, I realized it was my hair that was giving the vaguely fluke-like shadow. Bizarre. As I was walking to the door for the next building, I realized that I can't feel the bottom of my hair with my hands. That means it's like 1/3 of the way down my thigh. And here I thought it wasn't growing anymore. ha!

Sucky, but better news -- I've been sick the last couple of days. Picked up a nasty, nasty cold. I'm over it for my purposes today though. One fewer strain of rhinovirus I'll have to worry about.

Potentially awesome news -- After looking up stuff about the old Nintendo powergloves, I found VR gloves online for $20 + shipping. I probably ought to have ordered one, but how could one go wrong with two? The link is to that hotbed of USB device suppliers....ikitchen.com!?!?!? Hopefully, they won't suck. They don't seem to. And in any event, how bad could they possibly be? I didn't really just say that!!! 8)

Kinda sad-ish stuff -- a waitress we know was apparently picked up by the cops. Supposedly, we'll see her next in July.

From the GRRR!!! MORONS!!! department -- Another rich guy kills a perfectly good car.

Diego Golberg's pictures of his family over time -- zweeb thinks this is frightening. It's certainly interesting to see the people in the photographs age and how they age.

Additionally, level_head did his level best in finding some really cool links by a very interesting 3D artist. I dropped those in my memories here. Thank you much, Sir!

I think that's pretty much it. Failing anything else, folks -- have a good weekend 8)