February 20th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Philday II was today, a good time was had by all, I think.

Many thanks to koneko666, knight3d, joeyclaren, and as ever, the lovely relsqui -- those four attended both Philday feasts 8)

Not to leave out beethatbumbles, thegoldengnome, #9, her friend H, knight3d's friend F, stonesundial, and her squeeze I.

We were getting dangerously near food fight levels. First with ice, then with pickle bits. I was thoroughly ketchup'd at one point. Food was good -- the matzoh ball soup was what I needed (though a shade or two less than stellar), the corned beef delightful -- and the dessert fantastic.

Afterwards, a few of us (relsqui, joeyclaren, knight3d, F, #9, and H) went back to joeyclaren's place. Mostly to play a new (to us) game called Falling and Zendo. It served as a nice wind-down before hopping in the car and zipping back down to Santa Cruz.

The drive back involved lots of relsqui dorking around with her ocarina and my concentrating on driving. I had some fun getting around a couple of slowpokes and taking turns a little differently than usual on 17.

Now, I think, I must officially own up to being -- well -- older. I've hit the Z of my A-Z life. Next year, I think I'll start on lowercase. It's in ASCIIbetical order, I guess.

Speaking of things to do -- shave & get new clothes. It's been far too long since I've worn a T-shirt and torn up jeans. I must fight this trend towards being a corporate drone!

Additionally -- a bit of work-related idiocy. I spent the last week writing a system logger that I really wasn't happy with. The upshot is that the product prints a lot of messages to console that we can't necessarily depend on. While writing it, I knew something was deeply wrong. Driving back on Friday, I realized what it was. I shouldn't be writing all that crap -- I should just be closing stdout, stderr, and reopening those as filehandles to the log. That's like 8 lines of one-time use code in a product where efficiency is important.

I'm just embarrassed that I didn't think of it sooner and instead went with the lame solution.