February 6th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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EDIT: I had to repost this. lj thought I posted 2x, once with only part of a sentence, and mysteriously, they both had the same itemid.

I have the bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world. How do I know? She sniffed out this auction on eBay and won 8) So, soon, I will be the proud owner of not just an Osborne 1, but also an Osborne Executive. That's the second of my Philday gifts. 8)

Life really doesn't get much better than this. Except for the part where it's Sunday. =/

Spent much of the weekend helping people out. Talked a friend in Mississippi through a tough breakup. Helped zweeb a bit with his Gentoo system. Helped a friend from college with some perl stuff relating to Berkeley DBs extremely pathetic libraries. Oh, and pushed lishd through an upgrade to the 2.6 kernel. Hooray!

The kittens have had a little floor mat out in the living room for a while. We kept pausing movies to be overwhelmed by their eXtreme cuteness. I moved it closer to the couch to facilitate a more constant rate of cuteness absorption. So not only are they being cute and occasionally cuddling, but they've also been doing a fair amount of tag/wrestling. They used to do that a lot more on the couch, so this is kinda reminding them of the not-so-long-ago days, I suppose.

To my great shame, I broke a bowl today. I was a combination of slow (it fell out of the dish rack onto the cutting board and then to the floor. I thought it was going to stop on the cutting board, so I didn't reach out to stop it) and obstructed (it fell on the other side of the cutting board). I touched it lightly, but that's it. Just too darn slow.

D watched the first disc of Lain today. Such a good series. We've been devouring GTO (we're 2 discs from the end) and Initial D (as fast as we get it from Netflix). relsqui and I got out to the midnight movie (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) which I'd meant to see for a while. Very well put together film. The acting was great and out of character for the actors (It took me half of the movie to realize Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey. I didn't recognize Kate Winslet at all).

Anyway, there's a lot of good midnight movies in the coming weekends, so I hope to catch more of them. Upcoming worthwhile things -- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an LotR marathon, and a Firefly + Serenity marathon (although theotherchicago heard it was 5 episodes + Serenity, not the whole series. Time will tell).

The office has been quiet. I've started my new project and my officemate is on a leave of absence while they try to find busy work for him.

And I made a promise to ultimateos to put out a code release at the end of March. I've had a single user mode with a debug shell for a while now. It's rough around the edges, but it runs. It has a driver interface and a few of the learning algorithms I've written for it.

Philday preparations are taking form and I'm studiously avoiding details. relsqui can fill you in. Sunday night is free for some sort of dinner. I think I prefer Tiny's to the Crepe Place this year. It's more laid back and the staff know and tolerate us. The food isn't nearly as good, but it's cheaper. I think it'll be around 8pm or so. Details as they come.
My wonderful Meg kitty.

Hey Berkeley folk

I'm planning on a second dinner for people up North. Tentative plan is 8:00p on the 18th. Does that work for people? Additionally, I'm up for suggestions on where to go.