January 25th, 2006

My wonderful Meg kitty.

This is how I've managed these last ~2.5 years

relsqui, housemate D, and I were watching GTO. Some of you might know that I'd been searching for the first 5 GTOs for quite some time. I had acquired the second box set last year at Anime Expo only to find that the first was out of print. I held out hope for the Internet -- and it spectacularly failed me, so I had discs 6-10, but was missing 1-5. I kept looking and eventually forgot. I resolved to get them through Netflix. We got the first one, but the second one went to a "Very Long Wait". It sat as the top of my queue for a very long time, but nothing was happening.

As fortune would have it, D stopped by GameStop and -- wonder of wonders! -- they had the first box set! relsqui quickly snapped it up and gave it to me as an early birthday present. We've been watching tons of it. She gave it to me last Wednesday and we're out of the first box set as of last night (That's ~25 episodes. I believe there's 50 total).

So we were watching some of it last night and came across one where the episode title was "Revolution Everywhere!" The very first thing that entered my mind was "and not a drop to drink". I hesitated, trying to decide whether it was worth saying (remember! There's a special circle of hell for people who talk in theatres!) and right as I opened my mouth to say it, relsqui said precisely the same thing in unison.

I've never really met anyone who thinks the way I do. I've met people who I can read and I understand what's in their thoughts. I can anticipate what they're about to say. I can do that to some degree with relsqui, but when I'm not trying, it's funny how often our thoughts arrive at the same place. When we're working on something, the collaboration can be poetry where we're both thinking ahead of what we need, what the other needs, and planning accordingly. Fortunately, I can still manage to be sneaky every so often and plan little surprises for her. She's a bit less sneaky, though when I know she's planning something (such as the upcoming Philday), I turn my brain off and try my best to forget any details.

A long while ago, I set myself to analyzing relationships, how they work, and when do they remain beneficial (zweeb has heard some of my theories and was somewhat amused that by comparison, all he had come up with to explain relationships was the "ugly plant" story). I always assumed there was a subset of the population with a size greater than 1 who would be excellent partners.

With relsqui, I can't really bring myself to believe that subset has more than one member in it.