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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

A meaningful session of IRC

A conversation in #TheVillage on with the always wonderful comedy team of haplo3k and philled2thebrim. They're obviously a comedy team because philled2thebrim is gay and haplo3k has suggested she's bi.

Obviously, I'm the straight guy -- the final ingredient to any good comedy team.

22:55 <%Haplo> root: I feel like you'll enjoy this:
23:08 <&root> I'm very conflicted about that
23:08 <&root> It's *really* good.
23:08 <&root> The lyrics are clever
23:08 <&root> and -- for once -- they're actually geeky.
23:09 <&root> (It seems like most things these days aren't really, but they say
they are.)
23:09 <&root> It makes me wonder a bit if people like me are just the early
adopters who are going to get swept up in the wave of normal
people who are slowly becoming more technically proficient
23:09 <@c3> Your mom is a wave of normal people
23:09 <&root> and -- I'll admit -- one of the reasons I love being me is
because I'm unique.
23:10 <%Haplo> "How unique are you?"
23:10 * Haplo hides
23:10 < Tesseract> wow. that is geeky.
23:10 <&root> I'm so unique that I'd remove your duplicate entries after a sort
if you took off the "ue".
23:10 < Tesseract> people are just stealing all your unique aspects, root
23:10 <&root> (man uniq. You'll get it)
23:10 <&root> Sometimes I really do feel that way.
23:11 <&root> I don't see it as a horrible thing usually
23:11 <&root> It's not like, say, a wave of langoliers coming at me as my
plane's taking off.
23:11 <&root> I think of it as a reminder from the universe that I can't rest
on my laurels.
23:11 <&root> and that's at least 1/4 of the reason why I'm going to Seattle
and spending time on the Alameda.
23:12 <&root> I hit a point where I realized that the stories I was telling
people happened like 5 years ago.
23:12 < Tesseract> like an unexpected icy patch of sidewalk for the woman who
thinks she's better than everyone, these signs are a warning
to keep improving yourself
23:12 <&root> Or at least to wear good treads.
23:12 <&root> It's why I keep good tires on my car.
23:12 < Tesseract> to think, essentially
23:13 <&root> I've been happy for a while watching people try to be geeky
23:13 <&root> and sure -- it's elitist
23:13 <&root> but I've been watching people for years playing at it
23:13 <&root> and now I've actually seen someone else do it.
23:13 <&root> I respect that -- and for that -- I disrespect myself.
23:14 <&root> Haplo: So -- I guess in a really roundabout way -- thanks! That
was awesome 8D
23:14 <%Haplo> :D
23:15 <&root> c3: coder girl is
23:15 <@c3> Ok, coder girl==
23:16 <&root> I guess one of the real hallmarks of someone who's done something
that right is that almost every line of that song requires a
pretty indepth explanation.
23:16 <%Haplo> Heh.
23:17 <&root> Another fun fact: I've dated a geek girl -- a real geek girl --
and I've found out that I don't really want to date another geek
23:18 <&root> Not that it stops people from hearing songs like this and
thinking "Oh man, that's SO hawt!"
23:18 <&root> She was awesome -- one of my better girlfriends, for sure -- but
that relationship would've been too constricted to really hold up.
23:18 <@c3>
23:19 <&root> Nothing that interesting to share with each other -- ultimately,
I think that's one of the joys of a relationship
23:19 <@c3>
23:19 <&root> anyway -- I'm woolgathering again

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