December 13th, 2005

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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So, a while ago, some guy posted in the Santa Cruz community about a speeding ticket he got on Bay street. You may have heard me rant about Bay street and the invalid speed limits there. In any event, I convinced the guy to fight it. Today:

(10:07:28) SomePoorSchlob: howdy
(10:07:42) CERisE8192: Hi
(10:07:54) SomePoorSchlob: this is the law student from LiveJournal right?
(10:08:05) CERisE8192: I thought that was you ; )
(10:08:10) SomePoorSchlob: :)
(10:08:12) CERisE8192: I'm not a law student, but yeah.
(10:08:18) SomePoorSchlob: I beat the ticket!
(10:08:21) CERisE8192: Woo!!!
(10:08:24) CERisE8192: Way to go!
(10:08:34) SomePoorSchlob: $206 i don't have to pay
(10:08:39) SomePoorSchlob: thanks much
(10:09:06) CERisE8192: You're quite welcome. Every one of those that people fight is another middle finger at the stupid speed limits around that town.
(10:09:53) SomePoorSchlob: =]

It's something of an honor to hear someone confuse you with a law student over your previously voiced objections.